Brochure: LCA Review and Verification

Brochure: LCA Review and Verification

Review and verification are useful in establishing the credibility of environmental assessment results and are often required to obtain a variety of environmental labels. The IERS team’s assurance experience and intimate knowledge of life cycle assessment and environmental reporting standards, such as the ISO 14000 – Environmental Management series, make us well positioned to ensure that your results stand up to the highest standard.

Peer Review

A Peer Review is an independent third-party review of a study that is performed focusing on the method and data used. IERS offers a Confined Critical Review and a Comprehensive Critical Review, depending on the materials to be Peer Reviewed.

Verification & Assurance

Verification is an independent assessment of the reliability of the claim(s) presented by a study. Depending on the Assurance Level and the nature of the study claim, it may involve on-site audits, review of underlying data and calculations, mass balance estimations and/or cross-checking of data and results with other sources. IERS offers Assurance Levels of Limited Assurance or Reasonable Assurance, depending on the needs of the organization.